About Us

Formed in 2017 by three founders with deep backgrounds in sales,

marketing, distribution and commercial cleaning (BSC).

  • Best sanitizer/cleaner “on-the-spot science”
  • Best in-class ERP software
  • Best-in-class social marketing
  • Focus on rigorous science claims

Warehouses in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Sydney, Australia

Office staff in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Partnership with Franke as the exclusive global provider of

the patented Adept diamond cell technology.

  • Boston Lab with experienced staff
    • MIT educated in electrochemistry, biochemistry, etc.
  • Franke Foodservice experience and leverage
    • Certifications
    • Key accounts like Burger King, Subway

Product Categories:

  • AO Bottle
  • Inline ice sanitizer devices
  • Air scrubbers

What does “On-The-Spot Science” mean?

Hygeia makes a sanitizer and cleaner the second it is asked for.

Dispensed on-demand, right at the spot it is needed—

unlike conventional chemistry that starts as a base ingredient:

blended, transported, packaged, diluted and poured into a bottle.

Because Hygeia uses “Killer Science” to make the solution the second it’s needed,

it is consistent and subject to fewer variances and errors.

The result is peace of mind with pathogen kill claims you can rely on.

Care about Earth…

Hygeia products use no conventional chemicals such as quaternary ammonium, bleach, surfactants, and peroxide. Not even salt!

They make what some may call Mother Nature’s natural chemical, aqueous ozone. 

When finished “safely” killing pathogens, the solution reverts back to water and oxygen. 

And, there is no ongoing packaging to dispose of, nothing to transport over highways and nothing to spill—ever! 

“You’re Welcome, Mother Earth”