APS300 – Air Purification System

Video: Impact on Walk-Ins

Karen Benedek explains how the APS 300 positively impacts walk-ins.

What is the APS 300




This 1-minute video explains APS 300 and its benefits.

APS 300 Intro

3 slides explain APS and its benefits. Include in presentations.

Air Purification System



2-sided “sell sheet,” tells the whole APS 300 story.


Restaurant Testimonial

North Boston’s Prezza Restaurant uses the    APS-300. Chef Anthony Caturano shares his experience.

Case Study: U.S. Navy

How APS benefits food storage for the men and women of the U.S. Navy fleet.

Case Study: Restaurant

Behind-the-Scenes Results of our Restaurant Walk in cooler Test

Science Deep Dive

This presentation provides a high-level summary of how the APS works, as well as how well it does it.


Installation and Operation Manual

Installation Operation Maintenance Troubleshooting

Bulb Replacement Instructions

PDF Instructions, parts included in the 18010215 Bulb Replacement Kit.

Specification Sheet

APS300 technical specification sheet PDF

Safety Certificates
US & CANADA cUL listing certificate

The Technology

Video: Technology Behind APS

Karen Benedek explains the technology inside the APS 300.


APS Ad July 2016

APS 300 Keep food fresh and odor-free; cut waste

APS Ad/Flyer

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